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Information technology is developing at such a dazzling speed it is sometimes difficult to keep track. But there is no doubt that its application is becoming more and more critical to our lives.


Electronic equipment are characterized with densely installed processors generating large amounts of heat energy, The cooling systems used must control both air temperature and humidity within a close range to deal with static electricity build up, and minimise expansion and contraction of circuitry due to temperature fluctuations. EU4 Filtration systems are standard to keep the air clean, and as the information systems typically operate continuously, its design and construction must be of extremely high reliability while being energy efficient to keep operation costs to the minimum.


With more than 40 installations in Colombo and throughout the island including at critical data centres and computer rooms, we are increasingly the first point of contact for critical space cooling.


CITEC systems installed in Sri Lanka are also used by the best run companies in the world to cool their critical data centres including HSBC head office HK, Google Data Centres and CISCO Japan. Sri Lankan companies include Singer SL, Capital Maharaja, Union Assurance, MAS and many more.





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Consider The Facts:

Failure of a primary or backup air conditioner is a major threat in any data center. It is the #1 cause of overheating and environment related downtime.
The power consumption used by the typical data center rose 39% over the last 5 years.

Given the average power consumption in a data center today, if cooling is lost, temperatures will rise from 20°C to over 29°C in approximately 8.6 minutes.

For every 8°C degree rise in temperature above 20°C, servers lose approximately 50% of their reliability.

61% of data centers say downtime was due to environmental issues 1X in the past 12 months and 23% say that it caused downtime 5X in the past 12 months all lasting anywhere between 1/2 and 3 days.

On average, 45% of downtime incidents will cost $10,000 or more.













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Cassims International is sole representative for CITEC Solutions in Sri Lanka.


For offers, re-sale or installation & service in Sri Lanka:

/ please write to us hello(at)cassims.org

/ or call us +94 11 59 86 000 and ask for CITEC Solutions


Citec's scope of products and services in the precision air conditioning industry, offers its diverse clients each with their specific needs, a wide range of designs and models.


Services start from design and manufacturing to product and sales support services.


A full range of consultancy for customised business needs and solutions are available to users from diverse industries.

The total precision control of room environment is absolutely vital in the following applications:

• Computer rooms
• Telecommunication rooms
• Laboratories
• Printing and graphic areas

• Modern ICT offices
• Clean rooms
• Switching stations
• Hospitals

• Archive storage facilities
• Calibration rooms
• Instrumentation rooms




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