About Us:
Cassims International provides technology and expertise that enable textile technologists and engineers to investigate, control, innovate and construct world class textile products. These systems range from assessment or measurement devices for fabric testing or quality control, through to advanced manufacturing systems for textile substrates including that for processing of yarns, knits, wovens, narrow fabrics, dyeing, printing, finishing and automation controls.

Our Team: Our support and solutions provide critical technology that helps accelerate research and product development, enhance and maintain product quality and optimise process efficiency. Our vision reflect Cassims International Group's drive, to exploit the latest technological innovations for our customer advantage.
Our senior most Associates have served our customers for over 40 years at the company, and newer associates draw inspiration and impart enthusiasm on a daily basis. Textile technologists, engineers, technicians and support staff make up our team of nearly 40 staff to serve you.

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Our Clients:
In the field of Textiles, Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Service Industries, we help corporates gain product, technology and client visibility with state of the art solutions and devices for innovation of product and process, the conservation of resources and for sustainability in manufacturing.

Our clients include highly respected businesses in Europe, USA and Asia in various areas of technologies as well as some of the leading companies in Sri Lanka in the business.

Our Brand Identity:

  What's behind our logo? Our 4xCs logo portrays our diverse range of expertise and areas of business , creating a motif that grounds us in our traditional values but true to our beliefs in "working together for you.." An image of a team in a quality circle, with woven arms.. and joining the dots to find solutions.  A logo created in an intricate loop structure. A concept drawing inspiration from elements of our textile heritage, of woven and knitted fabrics.



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