Precision Airconditioning for systems critical environments.



Electronic equipment are characterized with densely installed high speed digital processors which generates large amount of heat energy, This heat must be removed effectively or else the reliability and life span of the equipment would be greatly affected.

However, merely removing the heat is only part of the solution. The air conditioning systems used must be able to control the air temperature and humidity within a close range to deal with static electricity build up and minimise expansion and contraction of circuitry due to temperature fluctuations. It must have highly efficient filtration systems to keep the air clean, and as the information systems typically operate continuously, its design and construction must be of extremely high reliability. It must also be energy efficient to keep the operation cost to the minimum.

All these are unique requirements for critical space cooling, and ordinary air conditioners used solely for human comfort is not the answer. Precision Air-conditioning systems must be used.

Information technology is developing at such a dazzling speed it is sometimes difficult to keep track. But there is no doubt that its application is becoming more and more critical to our lives.

For businesses that need to store, process and distribute information it is hard to imagine how it can be run efficiently without the aid of an efficient Information System. The importance of the information system truly cannot be over - emphasized.


Computer and telecommunication equipment are the corner stones on which information systems are built, and hence their reliability and efficiency will have a direct impact on efficiencies of a company's information systems. Also, although in no way can be compared to the value of the data and applications that these equipment store and process, these equipment are itself very expensive items. The importance to ensure that they can operate reliably is obvious.


Citec's scope of products and services in the precision air conditioning industry, encompasses a broad base.

Citec offers its diverse clients each with their specific needs, a wide range of designs and models. Its services start from design and manufacturing to product and sales support services. A full range of consultancy for customised business needs and solutions are available to users from diverse industries.

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